List Of Five Most Popular Microsoft Products

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What is Microsoft Windows?

It is an operating system which has been designed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Like any other OS, Windows turns our computer user-friendly by offering a graphical display and organized information. This OS makes use of tools and icons which simplifies the multifaceted operations carried out by the computers. One of the features of Windows is that it allows the users to perform multiple graphical applications at a time with the help of multitasking. It also permits to run applications which are larger than the available memory. As per the survey records we find that around 90% of the PCs uses Windows as their OS which was introduced in 1985 and in this present scenario we find it in almost every other house.

The earlier versions of Windows

If I talk about the history of windows it dates back to 1981, when a computer scientist named Chase Bishop discovered the first ever model of and electronic gadget and project ‘Interface Manager” was born. It was launched in 1983 under the name of “Windows”. The early editions of Windows ran on MS-Dos.

Windows 1.0 was next released in November 1985 which could not attain much popularity as it was not a complete OS.

It did not support overlapping Windows.

Then in December 1987 Windows 2.0 was released which had comparatively gained better popularity. There were certain upgradations in this version on memory management and user interface. It also introduced the overlapping windows and keyboard shortcuts. In the coming years a number of other versions came up each of which replaced the previous edition.

Five popular Microsoft products

As per a survey conducted, the five most popular products of Microsoft Windows as per the rating of the business partners of Microsoft are;

1) Windows server – This product is the most popular of the lot. It is basically the foundation of all major back-office deployment projects.

2) Microsoft Office – The survey results says that it is the most appreciated product which has been voted as important by 53% the partners.

3) Windows Client – It is the base of all types of Microsoft business and is truly very significant.

4) SQL Server – It has been seen that it is practically impossible to install a Microsoft-based solution without incorporating this database.

5) Exchange Server – This is Microsoft’s email server and brings in huge business for the partners.
So as a partner of Microsoft Windows I would say that its products have actually taken up a huge share of the market and hopefully will keep flourishing its business in the near future too.


Microsoft Windows: My Observations

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Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems designed for PCs. It also enjoys a dominant position in the market. Easy to use and abundant in great features, I too prefer it to the others like Mac. Given below are the features I appreciate in this amazing operating system.

• Snap: Allows you to resize and compare Windows on your PC
• Windows Essentials: An awesome software package available to download for free from the website
• Taskbar: Allows you to customize your OS in the way you want. With every version, it becomes easier and faster.
• Windows search: Allows you to find everything fast.
• 64-bit support: Windows OS is capable of supporting even the powerful 64-bit personal computers.
• Personalize: Windows comes up with numerous themes for you to decorate your computer.
• Improved performance: This is something users are assured of with every version being launched. And, Microsoft Corporation stands by its promise even today.

It even allows you to play the medium of your choice on your PC. These are just a few of the exciting features kept in store for its users. Explore online or try a demo version, you are sure to be its permanent customer.


With its 20th anniversary approaching, it would be an injustice to the company if we don’t try to understand its history. It’s true that Windows is the most successful operating system in the market. But, this is not something which came on its way. The company had to suffer a lot to make it happen.

Following is a brief overview of the same. Starting from Windows 1.0, the OS began its journey. Every version appeared as a correction of the past errors. The only OS which users completely rejected was Windows Vista. All the troubles got solved in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is hailed to be even better.

I would happily recommend Windows to anyone who is searching for an easy to use, graphical user-interface in an operating system for a personal computer.


An Overview Of Microsoft Windows

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Definition of Microsoft Windows

It is a series of GUI operating system built, marketed and sold by Microsoft. The operating environment Windows was introduced in November 1985. This is one of the dominating softwares occupying more than 90% of the market share. The softwares of Microsoft are designed not only for our computers but smartphones and tablets as well.

Security features of Microsoft Windows 7

Products of Windows were initially designed for PCs which did not have net connections so did not have enough security features. But the latest versions of Windows have been designed with total security system for multi-users with internet connections. Its latest security features are;

 The Action Center – It turns on the firewall, sees to it that the antivirus software is up-to-date and that the computer installs the updates automatically.

 BitLocker Drive Encryption – This helps in keeping the password, documents and other vital data of our system safe.

 Firewall – It has inbuilt firewall which protects the system from nasty softwares and hackers better than before.

 Microsoft Security Essentials – Users of Windows 7 can download this software for free. It basically protects worms, viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malwares.

 Windows Defender – This software protects the system from securities threats due to the unwanted software.

 User Account Control – It reduces the risk of the system from being damaged by increasing the security control. When a program wants to make certain changes to the computer it gives warning messages.

 Parental Control – It prevents the children from playing certain games, running certain programs and also sets time limits on the usage time of the children.

Features of buy Windows products at Software King

It is a latest version of the Microsoft Office, Windows and Adobe products here. This particular suite of high quality, digital software has a lot of cool features. After using this software I really liked it. People who have a 64- bit operating system will actually be benefitted from it. Some of its excellent features are;

Ribbon – This feature is certified as the number one feature. It has been added to the programs like OneNote and Outlook. In this version of Office we get to control the items which show on the tab. For this action we just need to right click on the Ribbon and click the customize option.

Options of Office buttons – A large round icon appears on the top left corner of the all Office applications. This gives us an option to select a range of different tasks. The look of the button has been changed from that of Office 2007. The number of options in this new version is more.

An improvement in the Outlook – This program of Office is mostly used by me. Usually this application is something which is turned on first at the start of the day and turned off last. This is used throughout the day for checking mails. Therefore improvement in this application has made my work easier. With the help of the latest version managing conversations has become a smoother. Forwarding messages has also become easier.

Easier Screenshots – For technical writers this is a very useful application.

Photo editing – These tools have been made more classy which enables us to give the pictures an artistic effect like Photoshop. Most of the effects are available in PowerPoint.

Drag and drop feature – This is again a very popular feature of this application which allows rearranging the document.

Simultaneous editing – A particular document can be assessed and edited by two different persons at the same time.

The latest version of Office which is a product of Microsoft Windows, according to me is very promising be it is for personal or official purpose.


Microsoft Windows: My Experience

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There is no doubt to the fact that Microsoft Windows remains the most popular among the operating systems for personal computers. This can be attributed to the fast performance and the easy-to-use layout. For me, everything else comes only second to Windows OS. Here are the reasons why it would always be my first choice.


As per my experience, All version of Windows comes up with something or the other as improvement. Here are the features of Windows 8.1, its latest version.

• A handy desktop: All the programs you are used to in Windows 7 is retained in this version; with a slight difference. They are arranged in a more improved and easy to handle way. Go to the desktop from any application with just a click of your mouse.
• Utmost safety: The Windows Defender and Smart screen filter make sure that your computer stays safe from external threats.
• Keypad and mouse: These remain the same as you are used to in Windows 7. In fact, they have changed a bit for the better.

There are numerous other features capable of making Microsoft Windows your favorite within few days of getting acquainted with it. Experiment with it; there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you!